Don't Let Summer Heat Fry Your Lawn

Watering needs change with the seasons, and so does the climate for Daytona, Ormond, St. Augustine, and Palm Coast landscaping.  Have us monitor and adjust your irrigation settings, and be assured we keep up on the latest updates to local water restrictions.

The complexities of Florida lawn irrigation needs are always best addressed by a licensed irrigation professional. GreenFlex Landscaping emphasizes to its customers the importance of making sure that your irrigation system is properly set for the current season and checking periodically to make sure that the system has not been re-set or shut off due to power surges/outages/etc.

Lawns can be literally fried by the summer sun this time of year if the irrigation system is not properly set. If you do not know if or are concerned your sprinklers may not be functioning in the way they should be, contact GreenFlex Landscaping for an licensed irrigation inspection so that you do not have to be totally responsible for monitoring your system.

Keep in mind that efficient watering requires a quality sprinkler system design, excellent water management skills, and cyclical system maintenance. This maintenance, which may include seasonal adjustment, will improve water coverage resulting in both better landscape growth and utility bill savings. We would be happy to suggest modifications that will decrease the use of water for your irrigation as well.

You can refer to the Irrigation page of the GreenFlex Landscaping web site for more information. Have a happy and beautiful Florida summer!

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