How We Maintain Your Irrigation Matters

We can absolutely improve almost any existing irrigation system. Our sprinkler services are geared towards all of your irrigation needs including but not limited to: complete overhaul of outdated irrigation, brand new system installation, or needed repairs.

We are committed to providing our customers with the opportunity to conserve water while still maintaining the highest quality of landscape plants and grass.  For instance, drip irrigation provides up to 60 percent reduction in water use.

Environmentally friendly, drought tolerant water conservation is achieved through drip irrigation systems as well as low volume irrigation systems.  GreenFlex Landscaping will provide a planned irrigation maintenance program with scheduled irrigation system checks:
  • Inspection of your irrigation will happen on a regular basis and will include sprinkler heads, timer mechanism, and each individual zone.  
  • A visual inspection of the system will be performed, which will indicate any hot spots or line breaks.
  • There is no additional charge for minor nozzle adjustments, cleaning, and timer adjustments according to season and weather.
  • Typically any equipment problems that require replacement will be quoted to the client before work is done, unless in the rare case the malfunction is causing damage to the property or there is a potential for injury.

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