The Four Seasons of Landscaping

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" -Ecclesiastes 3:1

Spring - In this season we begin to see the rebirth of certain plants, flowers, and trees in the St. Augustine, Palm Coast, and Ormond Beach areas. We may have a few minor frosts but nothing that discourages the citrus blossoms, amaryllis (pictured), azaleas, lilies, and crape myrtles that emerge during our Florida spring. Faded plants are often switched out for fresh varieties and color comes back to our yards with aplomb.  

Summer - As the heat descends upon northeast Florida, the importance of proper watering becomes paramount. Improperly timed and zoned sprinkler systems can be devastating for your grass and landscaping. Having a licensed and insured professional such as GreenFlex Landscaping check, set, and service your irrigation will protect you from burned out lawns and possibly save you money on your water bill.

Fall - Because our weather remains very warm during the "second spring" of Florida and hurricane tinged storms can bring an abundance of rain, our lawns are simply glowing with green life and growing so quickly you can almost see the blades expanding upward. Many of us are relieved to have hired a professional lawn maintenance company to keep our lawns under control throughout the summer heat and into the exuberant fall - the rest of us are wishing we did!

Winter - In Florida this is when we enjoy spending cozy family and social times on our patio, as we sit in front of a warm, softly burning fire pit. With days often mild and glorious in the midday sun, hardscaped areas within the landscape become very inviting. During the Florida winter you may find yourself ready to plan a winding garden path, a trickling waterfall, or an al fresco dining area within the beauty and sanctuary of trees.

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