Facts About Landscaping and Insurance Coverage

Landscaping is an investment in your home's appearance that increases its value, curb appeal, and your enjoyment of your property.  Homeowners insurance covers some aspects of this investment but not others, although you may be able to purchase additional coverage. 

What landscaping is covered by standard homeowners policies? Your basic policy may offer protection for trees, shrubs, and plants against specific problems such as fire, lightning, explosion, vandalism, riot, theft, or damage caused by someone else's vehicle.

How much does homeowners insurance cover for landscaping? Policies usually have limits on how much landscaping coverage is available, for example they may limit coverage for landscaping to a percentage of the dwelling protection and each particular tree or shrub may have a limit.

Is my landscaping covered in a hurricane? Damage to the plants themselves caused by weather disasters is typically not covered, but if falling trees damage your home or other structures on your property, repair to those buildings would be covered by your homeowners.

Damage to your landscaping caused by insects, pests, or diseases is not covered by homeowners insurance, which is why your investment in landscape design is best served by hiring a professional company to maintain your property so these factors do not become an issue.

You will most likely pay a deductible before any coverage begins for damage to your landscaping, home, or structures.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is if someone else's tree falls on your home, your homeowners insurance will be the one to cover this damage.

If you are found negligible for not taking care of a rotting tree on your property that falls, your structures may not be covered by your homeowners insurance.  We maintain our customers' properties with meticulous care and observe the health of the trees for you.   

We recommend that if you are concerned about coverage for your landscaping, you contact your homeowners insurance agent.  Inquire about additional coverage because some insurers offer options that could help provide additional protection for your valuable landscaping.

Our Partnership to Build the Perfect Custom Home and Landscape Design

GreenFlex Landscaping plans, installs, and maintains the most beautiful landscape designs for new homes located in St. Johns, Flagler, and Volusia Counties.

This impeccable landscaping often includes outstanding elements such as water features, hardscaping and pavers, outdoor lighting, fire pits, and other unique additions.

As licensed lawn and irrigation specialists, GreenFlex creates a verdant lawn and landscape design that will grow and thrive for years to come.  Expert maintenance by GreenFlex Landscaping protects your investment for the long term.

But what about the home itself? If you plan to build a custom home in Florida, keep in mind that GreenFlex Landscaping is owned by respected home builder George Duran, co-owner with Bill Stoughton of Stoughton and Duran Custom Homes.

With these companies working together, you can be assured that the home and landscape will be designed to complement each other for years to come.  This means each focal point in the landscaping will accentuate the architecture of the house, and vice versa.

Trees will be placed for maximum impact and irrigation systems will be perfectly planned.  Color of foliage and flowers will be considered with exterior home colors.  The views from each room of the new home will be windows to the elegant landscaping.  Because the companies work in tandem with each other, there will be no conflicts between your home builder and landscape designer as the home takes shape.

Begin your new life in a custom built home with curb appeal and natural vitality by trusting the experts at Stoughton and Duran Custom Homes and GreenFlex Landscaping!  Here are some beautiful examples of custom homes by Stoughton and Duran with landscape design that takes them to the farthest reaches of luxury and style:

A Look at Homeowner Landscape Design Data Reports

The new research reported by the 2017 U.S. Houzz Landscape Trends Study was on target for our industry and we would like to present some highlights here.  As North Florida landscapers, our goal is to meet our customers' best expectations and our ability to understand our market sets us ahead of the competition.

The results of the research survey come from approximately 1000 American homeowners who have completed outdoor projects in the last year, who are currently in the middle of an landscaping project, or who plan to do it soon.  These landscape designs are upgrades or updates of the current homeowner's exterior spaces, with the typical goal to make the space their own.

How much do people spend? The majority of the respondents (23 percent) spent between $1000-$5000.  Complete overhauls or major luxury landscaping were not a rare occurrence: 15 percent of the projects were over $50,000 in budget. Bottom line: Spending money on improving landscaping is considered worth the expense.

Where are the landscape projects? We know that landscaping is known to increase curb appeal exponentially, yet 69 percent of the landscaping jobs were completed in the backyard of the home.  44 percent were the front yard, and 32 percent were side yards. (Keep in mind some projects were in multiple locations.) Bottom line: We care the most about our living and entertaining spaces.

What needs are being addressed with landscaping? The number one issues that landscape design and installation were focused on were "drainage" and/or "poor use of space".  This was followed by "lack of privacy".  If curb appeal were the main goal of the landscaping work, the most important feature was flower beds/borders by a wide margin. Bottom line: Landscaping equals functionality.

How long does the project take?  It is important to remember that unforeseen problems such as extreme weather (especially in Florida) can upset project schedules. But these were the averages for three different levels of landscaping work:

Minor project: 3 months of planning/3 months of implementation
Major project: 5 months of planning/4 months of implementation
Complete overhaul: 6 months of planning/6 months of implementation

What plants are the most popular? For the past several years of studying these statistics, the top answer to this question is "low-maintenance", followed by "flowering". (Pictured at top is the stunning camellia variety, "Pink Perfection", which grows well in North Florida landscape designs.) Bottom line: Combine color with waterwise hardiness.

Ultimately, 73 percent of landscape projects are completed by a professional landscaper such as GreenFlex Landscaping.  Although, of those homeowners who are currently in the planning stage of their landscape job, only 63 percent plan to hire a professional.  We understand that sometimes you get to the point where you need help, and we will step in and assist you at any step of the way.  Contact GreenFlex Landscaping for landscape design, installation, and maintenance in St. Johns, Volusia, and Flagler Counties, Florida.


New year, new us! Serene Settings is now GreenFlex Landscaping

We are now GreenFlex Landscaping: all the same landscape design, installation, and maintenance services with a new, modern image. We provide cutting edge properties for today's green industry: www.greenflexlandscaping.com

Our contact information remains the same as well as the pride we put into each and every project we do for our residential and commercial clients all over Flagler, St. Johns, and Volusia Counties, Florida. Call us at 386-206-9899 for a free estimate.

Coming to the End of a Year in Flowers

2016 had several milestones for the world of trees, plants, and flowers.  Swedish botanists discovered seeds from the oldest flowering plants known to science: Cretaceous flower seeds dating back 110 million to 125 million years.  Another team of plant researchers discovered a fascinating way that blue leafed plants use their color to achieve photosynthesis in low light conditions.

A study by American health scientists proved that women who have the most vegetation around their homes have on average a 12 percent lower death rate than those that have little vegetation. The most striking differences were seen with 41 percent lower death rate from kidney disease, a 34 percent lower death rate from respiratory disease, and a 13 percent lower death rate from cancer.

GreenFlex Landscaping completed its series of Flowers of the Month for each of the twelve months this year.  We invite you to revisit these beautiful North Florida landscaping plants, many unique to our special region of Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Daytona, and St. Augustine.  As the new year of 2017 dawns soon, we will get to enjoy each of these upcoming highlights again:

January: Camellia

February: Bogainvillea

March: Azalea

April: Soap Aloe

May: Gardenia

June: Passionflower

July: Crepe Myrtle

August: Firebush

September: Blanketflower

October: Hibiscus

November: Chrysanthemum

December: Christmas Cactus

Do you love flowers as much as we do?  Let GreenFlex Landscaping design, install, and manage your landscape design in Flagler, St. Johns, and Volusia Counties, Florida.  We specialize in irrigation, lawn care, and improving curb appeal with landscaping for homes and commercial properties.

Now is a Great Time to Maintain Your Irrigation System

The fastest growing season, comprised of the summer months, has passed but irrigation needs do not end.  Florida's lawns and landscape designs require proper irrigation all year long.  Your professional landscaper should modify the settings somewhat for this time of year because there are many components of an ideal irrigation system that should be checked and updated seasonally.  If your sprinkler system is in need of a licensed and experienced irrigation pro, contact us.

When you hire GreenFlex Landscaping to maintain your sprinklers, the first thing we will do is turn on all irrigation zones and confirm they are performing correctly.  We will check for leaks and that all irrigation heads are working.  This procedure will show the irrigation specialist if there are broken or misdirected sprinklers, water application that is obstructed or uneven, or sprinklers that may not be properly spaced to ensure the right coverage.

As we have mentioned in the Florida Landscape Design, Installation, and Care Blog before, irrigation of lawn and landscaping in Florida is a science.  Different types of sprinklers in the same zone, not enough coverage, incorrectly scheduled irrigation timers, and malfunctioning rainwater sensors can lead to a host of problems.  Overwatering can damage plants, drain off fertilizers, and waste valuable water.  Underwatering can also damage plants to the point that you may need to replace them! Ornamental plants may only need specialized low level irrigation that reduces runoff and evaporation.  
GreenFlex Landscaping can also advise you to the availability and legality of reclaimed water, cistern collected rainwater, or other non-potable sources for irrigation water in your particular area or community.  If you desire to use less water overall, let us begin the process of redoing your landscape design using Florida-friendly, waterwise, and xeriscaping principles.  There are so many options available and we are happy to be your source for information, education, design, installation, and maintenance of your property.  Contact GreenFlex Landscaping of North Florida today.