How We Maintain Your Irrigation Matters

We can absolutely improve almost any existing irrigation system. Our sprinkler services are geared towards all of your irrigation needs including but not limited to: complete overhaul of outdated irrigation, brand new system installation, or needed repairs.

We are committed to providing our customers with the opportunity to conserve water while still maintaining the highest quality of landscape plants and grass.  For instance, drip irrigation provides up to 60 percent reduction in water use.

Environmentally friendly, drought tolerant water conservation is achieved through drip irrigation systems as well as low volume irrigation systems.  GreenFlex Landscaping will provide a planned irrigation maintenance program with scheduled irrigation system checks:
  • Inspection of your irrigation will happen on a regular basis and will include sprinkler heads, timer mechanism, and each individual zone.  
  • A visual inspection of the system will be performed, which will indicate any hot spots or line breaks.
  • There is no additional charge for minor nozzle adjustments, cleaning, and timer adjustments according to season and weather.
  • Typically any equipment problems that require replacement will be quoted to the client before work is done, unless in the rare case the malfunction is causing damage to the property or there is a potential for injury.

The Four Seasons of Landscaping

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" -Ecclesiastes 3:1

Spring - In this season we begin to see the rebirth of certain plants, flowers, and trees in the St. Augustine, Palm Coast, and Ormond Beach areas. We may have a few minor frosts but nothing that discourages the citrus blossoms, amaryllis (pictured), azaleas, lilies, and crape myrtles that emerge during our Florida spring. Faded plants are often switched out for fresh varieties and color comes back to our yards with aplomb.  

Summer - As the heat descends upon northeast Florida, the importance of proper watering becomes paramount. Improperly timed and zoned sprinkler systems can be devastating for your grass and landscaping. Having a licensed and insured professional such as GreenFlex Landscaping check, set, and service your irrigation will protect you from burned out lawns and possibly save you money on your water bill.

Fall - Because our weather remains very warm during the "second spring" of Florida and hurricane tinged storms can bring an abundance of rain, our lawns are simply glowing with green life and growing so quickly you can almost see the blades expanding upward. Many of us are relieved to have hired a professional lawn maintenance company to keep our lawns under control throughout the summer heat and into the exuberant fall - the rest of us are wishing we did!

Winter - In Florida this is when we enjoy spending cozy family and social times on our patio, as we sit in front of a warm, softly burning fire pit. With days often mild and glorious in the midday sun, hardscaped areas within the landscape become very inviting. During the Florida winter you may find yourself ready to plan a winding garden path, a trickling waterfall, or an al fresco dining area within the beauty and sanctuary of trees.

Don't Let Summer Heat Fry Your Lawn

Watering needs change with the seasons, and so does the climate for Daytona, Ormond, St. Augustine, and Palm Coast landscaping.  Have us monitor and adjust your irrigation settings, and be assured we keep up on the latest updates to local water restrictions.

The complexities of Florida lawn irrigation needs are always best addressed by a licensed irrigation professional. GreenFlex Landscaping emphasizes to its customers the importance of making sure that your irrigation system is properly set for the current season and checking periodically to make sure that the system has not been re-set or shut off due to power surges/outages/etc.

Lawns can be literally fried by the summer sun this time of year if the irrigation system is not properly set. If you do not know if or are concerned your sprinklers may not be functioning in the way they should be, contact GreenFlex Landscaping for an licensed irrigation inspection so that you do not have to be totally responsible for monitoring your system.

Keep in mind that efficient watering requires a quality sprinkler system design, excellent water management skills, and cyclical system maintenance. This maintenance, which may include seasonal adjustment, will improve water coverage resulting in both better landscape growth and utility bill savings. We would be happy to suggest modifications that will decrease the use of water for your irrigation as well.

You can refer to the Irrigation page of the GreenFlex Landscaping web site for more information. Have a happy and beautiful Florida summer!

Water is Life and Irrigation is Key

Water is life: regular watering from rainfall or irrigation systems is necessary for most of the beautiful plants in your landscape design.  Unfortunately, many Florida homeowners have unknowingly spent as much as half of their utility bill on watering lawns and landscaping, when watering wisely can be so much easier than you may realize. We are professional irrigation specialists - licensed by the State of Florida FC12361: we can set up, repair, and calibrate your watering system.  

All plants need to be watered during the first weeks after planting or transplanting, and during development.  Then they fall into different categories according to water needs, from the very thirsty to the drought tolerant.  In irrigation terms, efficiency refers to how much of the water applied to the plants is finally used by them and uniformity refers to how evenly the water is applied to the plants.  This is the science we employ to keep your landscaping looking its best.

A knowledgeable landscape designer will divide your plantings and irrigation segments into watering zones (hydro-zones): oasis, transitional, and xeric. The oasis zone is for the thirstiest plants and will be placed closest to a water source. The xeric zone is for plants that need no supplemental water after being established. The transitional zone will contain plants that need occasional watering, or regular watering during a drought.

It is concepts such as the three watering zones that explain why an expertly designed, installed, and maintained lawn and landscape design will look better and thrive unequivocally through the dramatic seasons of Florida.  Your comprehensive site plan will include placement of water sources among the plantings, and you will be able to recognize the oasis, transitional, and xeric zones if you look closely.   Perhaps it is your preference to feature one of the three hydro-zones predominantly in your landscaping and we can do just that.  

A licensed landscaper, who is foremost an irrigation professional, knows the science behind a lush and waterwise landscape.  We make it our business to understand unique concepts such as field capacity, which refers to the maximum amount of water a soil may hold before draining to become runoff.  An irrigation controller is an automatic timing device that operates irrigation zones for a predetermined time and frequency.  Scheduling of irrigation is based on factors such as soil type, root zone depth, and weather conditions - it should be regularly calibrated and checked for proper functionality.

North Florida wavers between extreme drought conditions and record rainfalls.  Contact GreenFlex Landscaping for a free estimate when you need assistance with your irrigation.  We are a full service landscape design, installation, and lawn care company for residential and commercial customers in St. Johns, Volusia, and Flagler Counties.

How to Make a Home for Sale Stand Out

This custom built home in Palm Coast recently went on the market for sale and it is a perfect example of landscape design, outdoor lighting, and paver hardscaping services by GreenFlex Landscaping.  Homes with paver driveways are known to sell quicker than those with driveways made of concrete, which can easily crack.  Large palm trees accentuate the architecture of this luxury house.  

This home literally glows in the evening hours!  Outdoor lighting adds elegance to a home's exterior as well as curb appeal when it is for sale (many prospective buyers drive by a house at night).  A home that lights up is more secure and more welcoming and the choice of low wattage lights is cost effective when it comes to your electric bill.

This home, located on a lake in Palm Coast Plantation, was built for outdoor entertaining day or night.  The fire pit and paver patio are so inviting and take advantage of the relaxing view.  Lighted pathways through the landscape design create movement for the eye to follow, as well as making the backyard much more enjoyable for those who prefer to walk on strong, flat footing. 

In a competitive real estate market, professionally maintained landscaping makes a home stand out from the rest.  A visitor's first impression of this house on Heron Drive in Palm Coast, Florida is that has been properly cared for, inside and out.  Contact GreenFlex to light up your landscape, install pavers, or create a landscape design that adds value for many years to come

Now What? Freeze Damaged Landscaping in North Florida

This year our area had a few hard freezes (temperatures dipped to or below the freezing point, 32 degrees Fahrenheit, at night). This is known to cause browning and sometimes killing of plants, especially tropicals. Just because a planting has turned brown does not mean it's not going to revive itself eventually. Trust a professional landscaper to assist you with freeze damaged landscape designs in Flagler, Volusia, and St. Johns Counties, Florida: contact GreenFlex Landscaping today.

We know that frost damage looks unattractive and your first instinct may be to prune it off or get rid of the plant all together, but it's best to wait until the coldest weather has passed. The brown leaves protect the inner parts of the plant that may still be alive, just sitting dormant until the warm rays of the sun bring it back to its full potential. We also know how and when to fertilize and treat valuable plantings that were affected by freezing temperatures.

Frost damage typically happens on clear nights when the temperature goes below 32 degrees - we had a few nights of this and the problem occurs when water vapor freezes on the leaves of plants, creating frost. There were even reports of snow falling in North Florida this winter, an oddity. Freezes, which we also had, are worse than frosts because they are even colder and cause severe damage to sensitive plants. We had one night that was in the 20s this year, very unusual!

The reason why frosts can damage or kill plants is because during a freeze, water both inside and outside the plant cells freeze, puncturing them and destroying whatever part of the plant where this happens. That's why you may only see browning on part of the plant but not all. Besides browning of leaves, you may also see wilting leaves or even leaves that turn black. You won't know if the plant survived until all cold weather has passed.

If your tropical plants were young and not protected, you may have lost a few. Get in touch with us to replant so that your landscaping design does not suffer from this loss. Semi tropical plants such as hibiscus and bougainvillea may have just been severely damaged and we can prune them properly for the best renewal this spring.

After hard freezing, a plant may die or it may need a minor pruning or a total cut back.  Each plant is different, let us take a look and determine what your best course of action is going to be. If you are unsure, please don't prune your valuable plantings yourself! You run the risk of causing more damage because the new growth that you create is extremely susceptible to cold weather. 

GreenFlex Landscaping provides design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of your beautiful residential and commercial landscaping in North Florida. Find out more about what we offer!

Facts About Landscaping and Insurance Coverage

Landscaping is an investment in your home's appearance that increases its value, curb appeal, and your enjoyment of your property.  Homeowners insurance covers some aspects of this investment but not others, although you may be able to purchase additional coverage. 

What landscaping is covered by standard homeowners policies? Your basic policy may offer protection for trees, shrubs, and plants against specific problems such as fire, lightning, explosion, vandalism, riot, theft, or damage caused by someone else's vehicle.

How much does homeowners insurance cover for landscaping? Policies usually have limits on how much landscaping coverage is available, for example they may limit coverage for landscaping to a percentage of the dwelling protection and each particular tree or shrub may have a limit.

Is my landscaping covered in a hurricane? Damage to the plants themselves caused by weather disasters is typically not covered, but if falling trees damage your home or other structures on your property, repair to those buildings would be covered by your homeowners.

Damage to your landscaping caused by insects, pests, or diseases is not covered by homeowners insurance, which is why your investment in landscape design is best served by hiring a professional company to maintain your property so these factors do not become an issue.

You will most likely pay a deductible before any coverage begins for damage to your landscaping, home, or structures.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is if someone else's tree falls on your home, your homeowners insurance will be the one to cover this damage.

If you are found negligible for not taking care of a rotting tree on your property that falls, your structures may not be covered by your homeowners insurance.  We maintain our customers' properties with meticulous care and observe the health of the trees for you.   

We recommend that if you are concerned about coverage for your landscaping, you contact your homeowners insurance agent.  Inquire about additional coverage because some insurers offer options that could help provide additional protection for your valuable landscaping.